How To Blog

How To Blog:
Post (– Create & Edit Blog… )
Do you have an experience that you cannot wait to tell every one? Do not wait! Create a Blog, insert Photos, Videos and Links, tell us what you think. 
How to Post - with be with photos step by step
1. Login with your Facebook or Google account. Remember to tick Aava's Terms & Conditions
2. At the top menu or side menu bar, click "Create Blog". This will take you to the Create Blog page
A. Enter a title to your Blog. Example "Best Shan noodle in Yagon"
B. Select the Category of your Blog. "Food & Recipes"
C. Choose a Title Photo for your Blog.
D. Write your blog. Make your blog interesting with photos ; video links & other online links to your blog. You can also choose different formats for your blog.
Once you have finished writing, click on the  "Submit" button.
EDIT Your Blog:
Aavashare also allows you to Re-Edit your blogs after your have Posted it.
After Login, Click on the blog you want to make changes.
Click "edit" on the bottom or page. You are now free to make changes.
Click on the  "Submit" button once you have finished with the changes.

Fun – Vote & Follow
Have Fun reading hundreds of interesting Blogs! Pick topics you love or bloggers you follow. Choose the most popular Blogs and hottest Trending topics.
You can also Vote for your favorite Blog & Follow your favorite Bloggers
HOW TO VOTE - step by step w photos
To Vote, the end of each Blog,
Click “Rate” and give the number of Stars for the Blog 
HOW TO FOLLOW - step by step w photos
Have a favorite Blogger?
At the end of Blog, Click on the “Follow” button and be updated when your favorite Blogger has new Blogs, Updates and Notifications.
Have Fun with our online activities and promotions. Aavashare holds regular events and exclusive online promotions: make sure you follow
Share (– Comment and Link to Facebook…)
Enjoying reading a Blog on Aavashare? Do not keep it to yourself, Share the Blog with your friends & colleges via your Facebook & other Social media links. You can even leave comments directly in Aavashare about the Blog.
HOW TO SHARE - step by step w photos
Want to link a blog to your Facebook or other social media accounts? It's very simple
At the bottom of every Blog, there is a roll of social media icons. Click on any icon to link the blog into your Facebook account.
HOW TO COMMENT - step by step w photos
"Comment" is a great way to contribute to the blogs you read.
Click on the "comment" box to let everyone know how you feel about the blog or tell us more on the same blog topic.

How to be a good Blogger?
Wanna be a Famous Blogger and have thousands of online fans? Here are some Tips & Tricks
A good Blog is like a great story, readers want to read more of your Blogs:
Be familiar with the topics you are Blogging.
Fans want to know in-dept details of the topic you are writing. If you Blog about Technology; Fashion or giving Career tips, you need to some knowledge about in these topics.
Write with Passion & Detailed.
Bloggers who are passionate about their topics usually gain more fans. Give detailed information about the places or products you are Blogging about. Make sure the information is up-to-date and correct.
Insert well taken Photos.
A picture may speak a thousand words; a well-taken photo brings life to the thousand words.
Readers prefer to see authentic well-taken photos of the topics you are blogging. Make sure your photos are taken with good lighting, clear, focused and detailed.
Sometimes you need to insert close up photos or you need to crop photos to highlight the image.
Add Some Humor.
Do not put your readers to sleep zzzzz… make your Blog Fun & Easy to read with some light humor. 
Need More Help or have even better Tips on producing better Blogs?
Use our Chat Rooms to leave us comments and more ideas!